2 serial no's I am after

I recently picked up a copy of PCFormat which has UK-Info pro 2001 on one of the cover cd’s, and lasts for only 7 days before reverting back to the SE edition. The asking price of 150 uk sterling is way too high. I would be grateful for a fully licensed serial no or code, which will allow me to evaluate it longer than 7 days, that way I can make my own mind up whether it is worth purchasing or not.

A new version of CDMATE has been released v209, and I am aware all current keygens/serials have been blacklisted. So I would like like a fully working serial no for this as well. The author makes bold statements that it is better than Clonecd so I will be the judge of that.

As usual plz only send me a PM(Private message) as releasing serial no’s/cracks links in reply to this post is in violation of the cdfreaks rules, and an instant ban could be enforced. CDfreaks doesnt promote piracy in any form whatsover. Anything can be sent by pm ok.

GrEeTs FrOm the USA(UK resident on vaccation for a month). :rolleyes: I will keep checking my pm box, so do me a favour and help me out.

I have valid s/n for cdmate, so thats not a prob now