2 second track silence mystery



Ok. I’m not a newbie to burning Audio CDs but neither am I an Ubergeek, so something has me a little puzzled.:confused:
I have migrated to a DVD burner (pioneer 717) but this has started happening AFTER many successful CD burns on it, so I doubt it is the H’ware.
I’m using Nero 6 and WinonCVD Power Edition 5.3 for the CDs (I also use a mixture of Tempgenc and Roxio 6 for DVDs - but no probs there)

I usualy record MP3s to Audio CDs. Many of these are live sets and up until a few days ago, everything was fine. I have not re-installed or insatlled new burning software nor have I changed any settings. I have always recorded TAO and never had any probs.
the problem is that now, unless I switch to DAO, WInonCD adds 2 seconds between tracks EVEN IF I TELL IT NOT TO!:a

To be honest, I am puzzled :confused: as hell, and any snippets of knowledge would be helpful!
Thanks in advance


why do you use TAO mode?
AFAIK, there will always be pauses between tracks if you use TAO, because the laser is turned off:

did you update the firmware of your drive?


Yep. Firmware upgraded about 3 weeks ago and have sucessfuly burned no-gap CDs since then, This started happening about a week ago and have not changed anything.
Am also 95% certain that I have always rec’d TAO with no gaps. (I would have noticed this a long time ago with the number of ‘live sets’ that I burn).
Still puzzled. DAO works, but I’d like to know why it’s happening.!!



The Orange book spec (the spec for CD recordables) makes it clear that there should be 2 seconds minimum between tracks when recorded in track at once mode.

I have no idea why you are just now having this problem if you have not made any changes. But, your CD-Rs are now in spec :wink: