2 Sata DVD Drives, 1 IDE port

This is more of a general question about installing the drives than about the specific products. I have two Plextor PX-806SA DVD Burners that I’m trying to install in a Dell Dimension 2400 at work. The drives are SATA and the computer’s motherboard has only two IDE ports, one attached to the hard drive and the other free. I purchased all the necessary cables, SATA power cables were not included with drives, as well as two SATA to IDE two-way converters. I cannot figure out a way to connect both drives. I looked at SATA multiports but they seem too expensive for my purposes.

If anyone knows of any way to connect two SATA drives to a motherboard with only one available IDE port it would be of great help.

Hi and Welcome!

the much better option would be to install a PCI Sata controller card instead of these adapters.
Controllers with Silicon Image Chipset are known to work, so you might go through this thread http://club.cdfreaks.com/f7/silicon-image-based-sata-ide-controllers-flashable-not-252721/ for product recommendations.

To feed power to the drives, you need an inexpensive Molex-Sata power adapter.


That does look like a better option, however my motherboard does not appear to have any available PCI slots…

According to the manual, there should be three PCI slots. No idea if all of them are already occupied.