2 ripped dvd's on 1 disc? Impossible?

I have recently downloaded 14 episodes of a tv programme. I have converted them from Avi to VOB (DVD files), using Win Avi Convertor and have both the Audio TS and Video TS folders as normal, with the files in the video folder, as normal.

At the moment I have to use one disc for each episode which is a waste as each epidode is only 1gb.

How do I burn 2 or 3 episodes to one disc? What software do I need? I currently have DVD Shrink, DVD Decrypter, Nero 6, DVD2One. Can I do this using nero? or do i need someting else? If so what and where can I download i from and how do I use it?

Please help, as I have been looking for an answer to this for months!

Many thanks