2 requests / suggestions + 1 fix



Having just installed CloneDVD in an XP VMWare session, I’ve noticed that ‘Themes’ are infact enabled within the program. It was my understanding this wasn’t the case - basically because under Server 2003 they’re not.

Even when I enable compatibility mode on the exe and force it to XP the components still aren’t themed, so I guess it’s something you’re getting from your driver.

So anyway, request 1 is to enable them for 2003 too (OS ver 5.2).

The second is to allow people (advanced ones maybe?!) to switch between cropping at chapter level and cell level.

I did email you about this in more detail but never heard back from you. Not to worry, I’ll do it in full public view here :slight_smile:

I also want to mention that following one of my other emails, you changed it so cropping was possible even when your preview window displayed an error from some issue in the first frames. That’s great, but it wont preview from the point where you select the ‘start’ chapter if there is a problem right at the start of the stream - it works ok if there is a good bit, then a bad bit. The little slider just wont budge if it’s all bad and it doesn’t jump with the start cropping triangle like how it does normally.



Well ollie is good for granting request, I just hope he does mine before he does yours, I have been asking and waiting for about a year now. . . . .


Hamp… :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:


Sorry, I am unable to follow you. Where should themes in CloneDVD be enabled, but they aren’t (or vice versa)?

I agree, cropping at cell level should at least be possible at the beginning / end of the movie, just to shorten some very long end credits or 10 studio logos.
Unfortunately this is a non trivial change to the program. It might need a change to the UI as well (“zooming” into the first/last chapter to set the split point more accurately). But it is a change I believe is important, and which I want myself (these are the changes, which usually make it into the program)…

Sorry, but you ask so many different things in one mail, I believe that scared me off… :slight_smile: sorry!

This exactly was the scary part! I wanted to verify this in the code before I answer your mail, but I never made it.


None of my buttons/checkboxes or anything are themed when under 2003. Under XP, they are. The open / save / browse dialog boxes are though, which is what’s weird about it! I assumed somewhere there was an OS check for ‘5.1’ or something and only then were themes enabled. 2003 is ‘5.2’.

Disable themes on the exe via the ‘compatibility’ tab in file properties and you’ll see how mine looks.

Ah good, maybe we’ll see it one day then.

lol! You get scared too easily :wink: The email explains how to reproduce the problem, no point in me repeating it here (over and above what I said in my first post).


I understand, this seems to be a bug in QT 3.3 (the framework, which CloneDVD uses). I’ll talk to TrollTech, they usually fix things pretty fast.


Ok, thanks :slight_smile: