2 req for info, Wireless music players & wireless tv distribution

Just wondering whether anybody has any experience using a wireless digital music player (such as the Netgear MP101)

With a large collection of mp3’s, I’m considering buying one so that the mp3’s can be played via a 4/5 speaker hi-fi system.

I’ve done this via a wired connection previously, but as the drives with the mp3’s on are on a different floor, cable isn 't an option.

This is the spec’s on the Netgear equipment, what others are there and, more importantly, is the quality any good. I’ve allready got a 54G wireless network using Belkin equipment,


Also, I was thinking about buying a digital wireless tv system, but I’ve read that they cause (or incur) interference when you use in the same location as a wireless network.

Does anybody have both systems running and do you have any problems.

Thanks in advance.