2 Recorder Questions

OK, got my Panasonic. Now I just have 2 questions. Again, you guys have been mad helpful, so thanks a lot. Here goes:

  1. My TV and DVD picture is fine when my recorder is hooked up, but for some reason my VCR picture is shaky. No matter what tape I put in to try and convert, the picture looks good but it’s shaky, and records that way. What can I do to get rid of that?

  2. Can I delete commercials from programs after I record them, and if so how do I edit them out?

Thanks guys,


Sounds like Macrovision.

Yep, that’s the macrovision kicking in to stop copying of commercial tapes.

You will need something to remove the copy protection, either a special scart lead or ‘standalone’ video stabilizer.

No no, I mean it’s doing it with ALL tapes. Just random stuff I tape off of TV on VHS, every tape is fine in other VCR’s but comes up shaky only when I go to record them. Any idea why?


It never did that with my parents recorder or my old recorder, does/did anyone else have this problem with their Panasonic EMR ES20’s?