2 quick questions



Hey guys i’ve been using DVDShrink for a while now and it works good even though I rarely backup DVD’s since I don’t buy many. My question is, what is the point of the region thing?? You know it says its protected but it can take out the protection if I select which region its from. How do I know which region its from??

My second question is besides DVDShrink what other programs can I use that are just as good or are reccommended? I haven’t been on the forums lately so I haven’t been up to date. Thanks.


The “region thing” you are referring to is RCE protection. Essentially let’s say you’re in the USA. Every disc you buy at your local video store… will be Region 1. You can then REMOVE that region coding if you KNOW that it’s a Region 1 disc (which it is). All discs say which region they’re for on the outside of the case. :wink:


The regional thing is so that when a copy of “xyz” i released in china, even if u brought a copy back to USA and pop it into ur DVD player it wont work cuz most of the stand alone dvd players are all regional 1 unless it can be changed to regional free. In a case it is trying to protect the pubish date or something like that.

another compressing progam u can use is CloneDVD2 by slysoft


actually Gurm, the protection you’re referring to is regular region coding. RCE (or region coding enhancement) prevents an RCE-protected dvd from playing in a region-free player.