2 quick questions, daemon tools and alcohol 120%

2 quick questions, daemon tools and alcohol 120%

Athlon thunderbird 1.2ghz C Type, 512mb ram@266ddr, wd1200jb running win XP Pro, service pack 1, and alcohol 120% v1.4.7 build 1005

is it possible for daemon tools to mount whats on the cd/dvd drive without making an image, so as to run its safedisc emulation somehow through it to increase the speed of ripping to an iso.
or even a tool to add emulation to cd/dvd drives like daemon tools does

also i have both a sony DRU-510a and a CRX-145e, and i was wondering if the dru510a could burn safedisc without hassles, also when i rip with either drive it takes up to an hour, from all the bad sector checking and i have selected the fast error skip but it seems to not do much in terms of speed, however when i mount an image with daemon and NOT turn on any emulation is goes very fast, bout a min, any idea’s on how to solve this problem

cd’s that i do burn from friends iso have the typical insert cd when u try play them after installation, so the burner isn’t burning them right, but as long as i can install from them i dont really care, its just taking so long to rip

settings are
skip read errors
fast skip error blocks
advanced sector scanning (factor 100)

Well to answer your first question, no there is no way to mount a CD without an image, at least not to my knowledge, correct me if I am wrong admins. Secondly, the reason why you would be a ble to read an image faster without the emulation is because the emulation make those reading errors. It does that so that the program will think that the CD is an original. There is no reason why it should take so long to read the image with the emulation though, since you use fast error skipping. Maybe your drive doesn’t support fast error skipping, I’m not sure I’ve never had that type of CD-RW before. Lastly, your drive should be able to burn the CD correctly if it can burn weak sectors, but you would need a good image. And from the way it sounds you are only emulating the proction and don’t actually have a file with the protection information. Use Blindwrite to make a good image and burn it, or just copy the CD.

You should search the forum for fast dump.

yeah it’d be good to have the emulation for the cd drive
i would at least think my brand new dvd burner would support it, i hate how it takes so long in both clone cd and alcohol

also is there a way to do the fast dump without installing the game? or have a downloadable file that others make whenthey fastdump so i can use it to tell it on doing the reading etc?

andareed, is it possible to make a program to add emulation to existing cd drives? it would be awesome if soemone could,

i just ripped a cd, battlefiel 1942 secret weapons in 5 mins, as a .ccd, had fast error skip, on and read sub channel data, i was wondering can u make that as a .iso? i could only select .mds or .ccd, i like having all disk images as a single .iso, or are there tools to make them .iso as i archive them to dvd, sick of having 2000 cd’s all over the place

Various formats are limited to what they can store. Iso can only store a single track without subs.

o ok, safedisc 2.9 or whatever u need the subchannel data right?
or can u just make a .iso, emulate it and still get the required data?

You don’t need subs for safedisc.

what are the subs for anywyay?

and any idea’s on emulation for cd’ drives?

Images don’t need to be emulated, as everything is contained in the image. Safedisc emulation might help if you can’t quite write safedisc.

yeah i’d like the emulaton to teh cd drives incase the disc didnt burn properly

whats the differences between all the .iso, .ccd etc formats, i cant seem to find anything on them, and is there somewhere telling what u should rip the file into for diff games

btw great program u have