2 Questions on LG burn strat. and speeds

Simple question: why are there two different 16X burn strategies when I look at the available burn speeds on LG burners? Are they different or what?

If I select 12X for the -R I know there is no 12X but what do we get; 16X or 8X?

Thanks guys.

  1. Which burners exactly? Do u mean the difference between 10 and 20-series?

  2. Don´t know but i will ask a friend who have the H22L

I was looking at the 4163 and the 4167.

I think you mean something like this? Been wondering about those strange speed indications with my LG too. I think I tried 7.0 once and it burned at 4X.

some discussion about this already took place here:

I read the other thread and it appears as though no one knows what there are two, nor does anyone know what you get in CloneDVD on a -R disc when you select 12X for an LG?

When I had my 4163 I also had two 12x’s.

If I remember correctly if you choose 12x for -R it will burn at 8x.

It really sucks they can’t implement 12x for -R I did have a few phantom
12x -R burns so I know it can burn them at 12x…

I think 1 of each is P-CAV burning and a normal CAV burning. As you stated in the other post that it was the 4163,4167 you were refering to they are both of Reneses chipset and are PCAV burners. The top 16x or 12x setting is the PCAV, the other is CAV. :bigsmile:

Thanks. That seems to clear it up.