2 questions: cce and colours

Hi all,

I have been doing a bit of dvd > divx encoding but just now started to do divx > dvd encoding.
I use dvd2svcd in combination with CCE. With 2.5 if I set the number of passes to three, all goes well and get an encoding box with the current status with the number of pass etc… However I got 2.67 now and whatever happens it seems to only do the first encoding part (no extra passes) and my bitrate average is 2000-2500. All settings are done as described in the divx > dvdr guide.
I don’t think it’s normal (but then again, I don’t know how much 2.5 vs 2.67 is). Is it?

I would use 2.5 but I then I get the annoying logo.

Now, on the the second question. When I try to encode the japanese anime Naruto, the colours are all different from the original.
Not like washed-out or anything but just different. I thought this had something to do with ConvertToYuv or something. But whatever I choose, I can’t get it normal.
So, if anyone could help me with this it would be great :).

Thanks for your time anyway.

Edit: Hmm, I tried using cce alone without any of the dvd2svcd and subprograms and it’s ok. But still,I’d like to know :).
I don’t think there’s something wrong with dvd2svcd but more with the scripts it generates…

I’ve not had any colour changes with D2S, I would suspect any colur chages is do to the actual divx codec you have installed. Make sure you have the same codec used to encode them is used to decode them and colurs will then be the same.

Can you post the results of what GSPOT says for the Video of your AVI.

Hi, this is what it says for the video

4CC: div3
Name: DivX 3 Low-Motion
Stat: 2 compatible codecs installed
x:y: 640*480 (1.33:1) (=4:3)
Bitrate: 996 kb/s
FPS: 23.97
Qf: 0.267 bits/pixel

I’m going to look around a bit and try :).


Hmmm, I guess the edit button is only for a specific amount of time after the post? Hehe, anyway. The colouring appears to be because of the divx 3 codec.
I also have some files in XviD format and they don’t change colour. (Phew, most of the files are xvid :slight_smile: ).

Thanks ChickenMan for your help :).


Try changing the FourCC header code from DIV3 to DIVX (use FourCC Changer in your Xvid folder) and re-encode. Do this on a copy of the AVI of course :smiley: