2 Questions :Backup My Psp 2 Games& "When Stranger Calls"

First Off Hi everyone. I am a veteran Dvd Movie copier and have done almost 2000 movies using dvd decryptor and clonedvd2. I am more recently using anydvd to decrypt but could not backup the Movie “When a Stranger calls” What is the deal with this movie and how to backup?

Next Question: Have never backed up Psp2 games before but would like to backup my brothers games in case of scratches or other problems. How do I backup Psp games? Should I do it like a dvd movie would be backed up and will anydvd or decryptor(my usuals) accomplish this?

I had zero problems backing up “When A Stranger Calls” using AnyDVD and CloneDVD. Are you sure that you have the most current versions of each (I know there was an update of CloneDVD this morning).

I am using older version of Clone dvd2 and the newest anydvd. Is this the problem? I have been doing just fine with the sony movies other than this one movie “when a stranger calls”.

My friend also had the same problem using the exact same versions of the same software I use.

I had the same problem with this movie. I used DVD Decryter with pdcedit and the error said that
pgcedit is trying to read data after the end of a table.
This means that a Length Of Table value is probably wrong.

It says i should use Ifoedit. But I couldn’t figure out how to use it.

I used version of AnyDVD and version of CloneDVD as I backed up this movie prior to yesterday. You may have a badly mastered disc.