2 questions. And im angry with the admins!

Hi again!! An Admin has closed my last thread here because i asked how to burn an image of a pc game with protection. I dont understand why he has closed the whole thread! In my thread there were more questions besides that one! There was a question about movies, and a question about copying files from my HD to my DVD!! He could have deleted, or just ignored ONLY the question regarding the copy of the protected game! And he could have answered the other questions! And whats more CDfreaks forums are full of people talking about protected games, about protections, alcohol120% and ilegal copies! And all those threads are opened! Why close mine then?

Well, now im going to ask you the questions (ive deleted the somethings so the admin can be happy):

CASE A) ive made an image of a game i own, but now ive lost the CD. My burner is a LG dvd-ram 4163. What should i do? Try to burn the image with CloneCD/Nero/alcohol directly to a CD with some protection profiles? Or should I burn the image and then activate some kind of emulation with Alcohol for example? (im a bit lost!)

CASE B) Ive got an orginal DVD movie. What should i do? Make an image with CloneCD and then burn it to a DVD, or make a 1:1 copy using AnyDVD+CloneDVD?

CASE C) I want to copy some of my DIVX and some files to a DVD, in order to free space in my hard drive. Should i use Nero? Can someone explain me in what cases is used DVD +r and in what cases is better DVD -r?

Thanks a lot! Im new to this burning world

Case A - Since you’ve already said in this thread that you downloaded the image, I suggest that you buy the game. [Incidentally, it’s generally recommended that you burn images with whatever application you used to make them. :wink: ]

Case B - It depends whether the original is a single layer or dual layer disc and, if dual layer, whether and to what extent you are prepared to sacrifice quality by compressing the movie. I suggest that you look through the tutorial section and see what suits you best.

Case C - To convert DivX to Dvd, see ChickenMan’s tutorial here.