2 questions about which external dvd/cd burner and hard drive to buy



I have been thinking of purchasing an external dvd/cd burner since my internal drive (Samsung CD-R/RW SW-248F) seems to be screwing up and adding to my coaster collection. What is the best USB burner brandwise to burn cds and maybe the occasional dvd?

My computer only has a 40GB hard drive so I’m also looking to buy an external hard drive. What is the best USB hard drive that I can purchase, preferably in the 200GB range?


Why not just replace your unreliable internal drive?

Internal DVD Burners are only about $25 from Newegg.

Another option is to put the internal Hard Drive or DVD Burner of your choice in an enclosure to make it an external drive. External drive normally have a 1 year warranty but internal Hard Drives typically have a 3 or 5 year warranty.


Depending on your PC, I would also suggest simply replacing your existing hardware with new hardware. You will save money.


As for exernal hard drives, I’m completely in love with the G-Tech products. (I am a little biased because my company sells them.)

The drives were designed for content creation professionals and have a three-year warranty standard.

(I’ve been thinking about getting a G-Drive mini for myself.)