2 questions about Dual-Layer drives

  1. How much do they cost?
  2. How much do dual layer recordable DVD disks cost?

Depends on which country you come from here in uk the NEC costs around the £55-£65 mark but double layer discs are very hard to come by and if you can get them they are a fortune
bigpockets for example are selling a single double layer disc for £9.99 and they are one of the cheaper sites to deal with…

Wow! Im in the US but I know enough about british money to know that that is QUITE A LOT for one DVD! I think about $15…it’s much more cost effective to just burn it onto two single layer disks


you are right, using DL media now is not wise, they cost much, soon the prices will drop, second they are still 1st generation DVD+R DL Media, so they might contain some bugs, when DL media becomes widely used, it will be better…

Go here for some at $9.99 with free shipping

Still, why pay 10 bucks when you could get more than the same amount of data for $1.60 using 2 single layer disks

Well, if you are copying video DVDs, then DL media allows you to copy dual layer discs without having to compress them or split them on to two discs.

Also, people who might be mastering DVDs for their own release will benefit from being able to have a one-disc solution instead of a two-disc.

That said, prices will come down. Just like any other new media format release, initial prices are high and they steadily get more palatable. When they were introduced, they were $14.99 a disc. They’ve since dropped 33% to $9.99. Now that Ritek has entered the market, prices will continue to fall. And as soon as the production lines get better, with fewer failures, prices should drop even more.

So right now, not exactly worth it for most people. But that will change.

The cheapest dual layer drives in the US are the NEC ND-2510A, which can be purchased for around $75, and the Lite-On SOHW-832S, which can be purchased for around $80.