2 question please



Hi guys

1_Is that wise to use the cable connected between cd or dvd drive and IDE 40 or 80 . what is recomendation ??

2_ I have 2 hard disk , one is 20 Gb and other one is 80Gb . which one is recomended to be the main for operating system??

i want to do it with 20 Gb because i need the 80 gb . because is full and i need it . is that ok? or what is recomended?



Nothing related to Nec… I guess your thread will be moved soon :wink:

  1. It doesn’t matter if you use a IDE 40 or 80 cable… I have my 2 DVD drives on a 40 and they work as they should.
  2. Hard to tell… 20 GB is probably slower than 80 GB HD. It would be a little faster if you use 80 GB as the main for your OS. But I don’t know if you will see any difference… it depends on your HD.


For backing up dvd videos you will likely want something bigger than 20gb. I would reccomend at least 40gb


windows slows down quite a bit when reaching below 10% free space, so maybe it would be better to install it on the 20gb drive and do whatever you want with the other drive, especially if your going to fill up the 80gb.


No matter which you choose, make sure to set the paging file to the other drive.


hmm never thought of that…i was going to say though that it doesn’t really matter which you choose, theres arguments for using both, just go with whatever you want as long as you do what xtacydima said.


from what i have read/been told putting the page file on another hd or seperate partition has no real effect with xp. i stoped doing this after i dumped win 98. any links to evidence that suggests otherwise???


It offers little gain putting it on another partition on the same drive. But can provide substantial gains going to a different drive…


should i put it on a seperate hd in a seperate partition??? or does it not make a difference since i am running a realativly high end pc…athlon 64 3400, 1 gb mushkin low latency pc3200, 2-160 gb serial ata hd’s, aiw radeon 9800 pro…


Any partition on a second drive. I’d put on the one that is accessed the least…


thx…I guess old tricks are still the best :bigsmile: