2 probs: lip sync issues, and CCE prob



My first problem is lip sync issues on my wedding video that i transferred to dvd. I captured the video to mpeg2, then created a dvd with ulead dvd moviefactory, then shrunk it with dvd shrink to fit on one dvd-r. i am completely satisfied with the quality of the video… but the audio does not line up correctly with the video. i tried de multiplexing with tmpgenc and multiplexing with mpeg2vcr after i adjested the a/v sync… i cant really get it it lined up correctly… but thats not my biggest problem with it… the problem is that the quality suffers when i demux then mux… little pieces of crap video get in there somehow and it looks screwed up. so my question is how to realign audio/video so it doesnt take away from the quality of the video.-

my other question is in regard to using dvd2svcd to convert divx to dvd. i am using cinema craft encoder 2.5 with dvd2svcd 1.2.1 build 3. i have win xp, amd 2600. i get the error that says something like “this does not support resolution of 780x80.” bla bla bla. i checked all my settings with the tutorial and cant seem to find an answer on these boards that solves my problems. any help is appreciated.


Your doing the right things to fix the audio sync, stay with it, just move in small steps only. Many people have a/v sync probs with DVD Movie Factory so maybe have alook at something else, such as Ulead Video Studio. Never a synce problem for me.

The “this does not support resolution of 780x80.” bla bla bla. is saying there is a problem with the AVI. Try DivFix or DivXRepair. Also try loading the avi into VirtualDUB, set video to Direct Stream Copy, Audio to full Processing mode and then Save AVI. Then try encoding the new larger AVI.


Mpeg-vcr is screwing up the quality of the final mpg that i am creating with it. The end product is a little bit choppy and has visual blemishes. But if i look at the m2v file that i demuxed with tmpgenc, it doesnt have any of those blemishes. is there another muxer that will do it without a loss of quality?


Problems with MPEG-VCR, hmmm… I supose there is always a first time. But why are you muxing the 2 files together, is it just to fix the a/v sync ? If you author the *.m2v and *.mpa files together in Maestro, you just slide the audio stream to the right if audio comes before video. Just chop off some audio in any audio editor if it comes after the video. But if you convert your audio to AC3, then all you do is simply use the program AC3 Delay Corrector to either add or subtract what evers needed to bring it into sync.


What is maestro? I am new to all this video editing stuff. I just got this computer 2 weeks ago.

p.s. When I get a digital video camera, am i gonna have this many problems getting everything to sync up right? and what is the best way to capture dv? is it to buy something like the moviebox capture hardware?


Have a big read of all the tutorilas in the Tutorial section, then you will some idea what its all about.

The sync problems tend to come from many Capturing software unfortuanately. I use Ulead Video Studio 7 for my capturing (direct to MPEG2) and get no sync problems at all…