2 player games

Does anyone know any really cool 2 player games - not serious games like Quake or Street Fighter.

I’m looking for a really stupid two player game thats fun and will last ages.



My favorite 2 player games are Dynablaster and Wacky Wheels! (Real classics )
I don’t think the full versions of these games are hard to find but if you can’t find them I could upload them somewhere if you want…

Yes those games kickass!!!



I’ve found this download site for old Dynablaster (PC version):
Dynablaster download

Wacky Wheels is a racing game?

Yessss :bigsmile: It’s real fun :stuck_out_tongue: You’ve to drive with several animals and you can chose between different levels… Like there’s one level where you have to shoot ducks… :smiley: Ghehe…

Bubble Bobble ! hours and hours and hours and hours of mindless entertainment

Wacky Wheels is a god damn Mario Kart clone. Nothing beats Mario Kart. Too bad it’s not online capable though. Shape up GameCube.

Worms :wink:
Any PSX games :wink:
go here; http://www.aldostools.com to download the win2k/XP patch for VGS (psx emu)
Download a, um semi-permanent, demo version of VGS 1.41
Crash Bash :slight_smile:

Pretty much every sports game made by EA. Also, Hot Shot Golf on PS2. Hot Shot Golf is the best golf game on console, IMO, w/ up to 4 players.

Certainly “Need for Speed 3: Hot pursuit” :slight_smile:
Only 1 PC needed :wink:
2 joysticks though :wink:

Wacky Wheels : http://www.3drealms.com/wacky/


MULE is still my favorite, though it is a 4 player game if you can find a system that supports that many. Get an Atari (or C64?) emulator and have fun.

in emulator-zone.com you can find a gamecube emulator and in vagos.net you can find the games

good thing there is a good version