2 Pioneer's on the same controller

Im about to purchase a Pioneer 16X DVR-111D DVD±R Burner but, I currenty have set as master a DVR-107, will I have problem with configuration or will it work with out problems.
I installed a dual Liteon on one system for a friend and they burn at the same time with no problem but they are the same model.
Just want to make sure before buying. :cool:

Shouldn’t be a problem but don’t try burning at the same time with burners sharing the same IDE channel. That’s a recipe for poor burns.

My 4 burners share IDE channels without any problems but they’re not Pioneers but that shouldn’t make any difference.

The 111 must be MASTER in this case!!

Thanks For the replies.
Im now checking the performance or quality of the ritek DL DVD’s on pioneer 111.

That’s crap media with any burner. :Z