2 PCs File Transfer!

Hi all,

I don’t have any Internet at all.(at the moment)
I have connected my 2 PCs with a cat 5 cable, made a home network between them, and we were able to play with my brother Call of Duty on a local network together on the 2 PCs.

My question now:
Is there any chance that we transfer files from 1 PC to the other PC, with the help of the cat 5 cable or I need something else?

Thanks mates,

If you have a network running between your two computers, you can also transfer files between them.

One way is to use File Sharing on one computer to share a drive or a folder, and on the other computer you can then access the shared drive/folder in Explorer. The place to start is in "My Network Places, but you may have to use the name of the computer sharing the drive/folder explicitly like this:


Thanks a lot Drage