2 pass features?

Hi guys, just wondering if DVDFAB has these settings that Shrink has when compressing

Deep Analysis

The deep analysis option will encode your DVD in two passes. This will take significantly longer, but it serves two purposes:

  1. It will improve video quality by allowing DVD Shrink to better distribute the required compression throughout the various scenes in your DVD.

  2. It will ensure that DVD Shrink accurately meets the target size.

This option will be disabled if you already performed a deep analysis of the same DVD. DVD Shrink will remember the results of previous analysis, so there is no need to do it again. This option will also be disabled if no compression is required.

Compress video with high quality adaptive error compensation

When video is compressed, small errors or artifacts are introduced. This is an unavoidable consequence of video compression, and DVD Shrink cannot prevent this from happening. However, it can keep these artifacts to a minimum.

This option will adaptively compensate for any artifacts introduced by the video compression, so as to prevent them from propagating into the next pictures which are compressed. This requires DVD Shrink to dynamically decode and compare both the original and the compressed video, so that it can detect if artifacts have been introduced and compensate for them accordingly.

AEC (adaptive error compensation) requires a lot of CPU power, and depending on the speed of your computer, it may take an hour or more to complete your backup. However, it will often provide a far superior video quality. AEC will also benefit from deep analysis.

If you enable AEC, you can select from the following modes:

I am not aware of any publicly available information that would answer your question and it has been discussed ad nauseum in this forum. Subjectively, I cannot see any difference at the compression levels I use (Q=85% or better).