2 os's but theres only 1?

was’nt sure how to ask or serch for an answer on this one,so here i go.
just recived a new laptop with previous assorted crap on it so instead of spending time on trying to clean up i just did a fresh install.well now in the post i have a screen saying theres 2 copy of windows there??if i choose the new one all works fine but if i choose the other one then it says it cant find it??kinda silly if you ask me,it knows theres nothing there but still comes to the screen?? is there any way that i can clear this up??atleast stop this from comming up?any suggestions would be greatfull & as allways appreacted.
thanks all in advance.
by the way i do have alittle dos knowlage but i cant seem to do anything about this.its just slightly anoying but i could live with it if i have too.
thanks again. :iagree:

you probably installed your new OS OVER the old one.

I would reinstall but this time make sure you FORMAT the drive first.

that was what i was going to do but did it the first time so i did’nt know if it would do any good?jus t wondering,why did’nt it work the first time??any reason you can think of??

What happened was when you installed your new XP it kept your old “Boot Loader” and added your new installation to it. There are few different ways to fix it! The quickest way to fix it is click Run type “msconfig” and open “BooT.ini” there you will see the boot info for the 2nd XP that is on your screen when your computer starts you just have to delete it. :slight_smile:

that did it!! thanks coathi!!
I’ve been a fathfull visiter of this forum for quite a while and allways leave with a little more knowlage.thanks again all!!!