2 or more burners with clone dvd

Will it be possible to use clone dvd with more than one burner? E.g. like in Nero or Alc with which you can write/copy on multiple cd/dvd writers?

No, you can’t make multiple copies with CloneDVD at the same time.

Thanx Olli,
is it “on the agenda” for a future release?

No, because I don’t see a reason to write to multiple burners for a program, that creates “personal/safety copies”.

… that’s true, i didn’t want to use a row of burners, it’s just that I sometimes need two copies. Anyway, the burning process just lasts a few minutes and that’s not a real problem…

when you want to use two burners you can create the files with clondvd and use nero for burning.

…that’s what I do…