2 or 3 DivX on 1 DVD?

hello !

I’ve read the tutorial "How to convert your DivX’s to DVD±R "
and it works perfectly !

But now I would like to put 2 or 3 DivX on my DVD.
So, is it possible ??? if yes : How ??


Sure, just don’t convert them. Should fit like 6 that way.

Or if you must convert, then just use 1/3 the bitrate for each and then author with a nice menu.

I quite often put 2 converted AVI’s on a DVDR. Putting 3 to a DVDR does not produce good quality conversions. However, if the movies are only 1 hr long each, then thats possible. 4hr of movie is the absolute max I would fit to a dvdr.

In the bitrate tab of DVD2SVCD I’ve suggested 4400 for CD size, just 1/2 it for 2 or 1/3 it for 3. Then Author in Maestro or DVD Lab by loading each encoded set into its own Movie within and then incorporate a Menu for selection.