2 newbie questions

Hi all,
I have just been given the job of making a dvd for a bar and want to do two things that i have tried for several days but had no luck.

  1. I want to edit the video so i can have a widescreen effect and apply a black line to the top and bottom of the screen (possibly with text scrolling on it)

  2. to emboss a logo, like the MTV one onto a specific place on the screen

Hopefuly I can get some software to do both, but have not had much luck finding the right one. I have use of Cubase SX for editing the vide to get the bits i need, so and also Ulead/Nero to burn the DVD, but the two effects above are what would really make the video look finished.
So any help is going to be greatly appreciated.



Avisynth can do what you’re asking for.

Well thanks for the very quick reply :bigsmile:

will let you know how i get on, thanks again!

DiiZzy - thanks for putting me onto Avisynth, but i really cant get my head round the coding side of it :confused: any chance there would be a similat program with a nce friendly interface for thicko’s like me?