2 newbie questions RE: DVD burning



What is the difference between DVD+R and DVD-R?

Also, what steps and/or brands of DVD’s should I take/buy to ensure that a data DVD±R will work when I try to read it, and will last long?

Thanks for any help out there…



there isnt much of a diffrence , some burners like +r better then -r and vice versa , -r have high compatbility among dvd players , but +r have equal compatbility and even better when used with a burner that supports bitsetting (makes the disc identify as a dvd-rom) , as for whats the best discs , defintly taiyo yuden & verbatim , its hard to find taiyo yuden discs in local stores but you can order em online from various places


Does that mean that +R are better for data, and -R are more suited for video?


nope , both are good for all purposes , old dvd players dont support +r discs but will be able to play one at ease if bitsetting will be used , and as alredy said which type to use depends on the burner as some like +r better then -r and vice versa (burn quality wise i mean)


As already said Verbatim & Taiyo Yuden are the best bet for just about any burner.

Verbs are easy to pick up from walk-ins and do come in small 10packs which is good to try before commiting to bulk. Personally I prefer their 16x +R media , Made in Taiwan rather than the Made in India ones. Verbatim always label with the country of origin. If you see Made in Japan then get those.