2 new Liteons..811s & 851s..which one?

Just got two sweet deals on 2 burners Liteon 851s for $80 at officmax and 811s for $65 AR at Staples…

Which one should I keep…? the other will go to my bro.


811s has bitsetting tool now :slight_smile:

What is the actual difference between the 2 drives?

difrent hardware inside used to make them i think

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811s has bitsetting tool now :slight_smile:

so what exactly does that do for me?


makes +r media more compatible the older players their is info on this forum about bitsetting try a search :wink:

Originally posted by frosty
difrent hardware inside used to make them i think

Ok and whats the difference on paper?

The 851s has bitsetting capability with the GSOA firmware so return the 811s.

The only difference is that the 851S uses a different pickup head and slightly better seek times. Other then that they are exactly the same.

In the real world there is no difference between them.

With the new firmware coming out for the 451S/851S shortly the bit setting tool will work on both the 411S/811S and 451S/851S so that is no longer an advantage either.

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The only difference is that the 851S uses a different pickup head and slightly better seek times. Other then that they are exactly the same.In the real world there is no difference between them.


I remember that the OLD 811 does support more media than the NEW 851 does. Anything changed ?


The new 851S firmwares that should be out within the next week or so should have a comparable media list to the 811S fw.

Hi All

I’m a newby to all this vburning stuff and have just bought an 851s. From what I’ve read the only difference is that the laser is better (is that right?) and also it supports ‘bitsetting’

Can someone tell me in very basic terms what 'bit setting’is and why would I need it?? :slight_smile:

(I actually ordered an 811s…but a 851s turned up - I think I’m better off spec wise, but I can’t see how :confused: )

The 851 is newer and can identify a disc a few millisecs quicker, you’d never know the difference.

Bitsetting is the ability to burn a DVD+R disc that will tell a player it is a DVD-ROM, the book type of a pressed commercial DVD-ROM. Some older players can’t or won’t play recordables unless this is done.

In other words, bitsetting offers the maximum compatibility with older players. The free bitsetting utility and instructions can be food in the tools thread in this forum.

Thanks again wittangamo

I’m off to bitset with my DVD +Rs

(Wow I sound like I know what I’m taking about - scary!)



Hi, All!

I know it’s an old thread, and not the only one discussing the differences between 851s and 811s. I didn’t feel like I should start a new thread; moreover, I’m still not certain whether my question belongs to this forum or I should ask it in the Firmware forum. I searched, but couldn’t find the similar discussion. If you recall one, please supply me with the link.

My question is basically about the media support provided by Liteon for these two drives. The latest 851s GS0H has 176 media codes, while 811s HS0Q has only 146 ones. That means 851s has better compatibility with the media. For example, we had a question popped up on another board about TTG01 media branded as TDK 1x-4x. 811s would only write it at 2x with any of the three most recent firmwares, while for 851s GS0H this media is listed at 2x and 4x. BTW, this media code is not in the list in HS0Q, so it cannot be speedhacked to 4x with OmniPatcher. And here’s another question, if anybody doesn’t mind to educate me :wink: How does the burner go about the media that is not in the list? Why 811s would write TTG01 at 2x only? Does it apply some sort of a generic writing strategy for the media codes missing from the list?

Thanks for your attention to my questions!

And with GSC2, this becomes 200… :wink:

Yes, the 851S has much much better media support than the 811S. HS0Q, IMHO, was a disappointing release from LiteOn because, despite the MMM changelog, not a single new media code was matched. Not surprisingly, LiteOn seems to have dropped development work on the 11S firmwares. Because the 11S firmwares don’t share as much in common with the 451S/851S/812S/832S firmwares, working on the 11S firmwares for LiteOn is, I’d imagine, quite a bit more work. Because the four 51S and 2S drives seem to share a lot more common code, development for these firmwares would be easier, I’d imagine, as changes could be more easily applied to all four drive types.

If the burner does not find the media code, it will assign it a generic speed and a generic write strategy. My understanding is that this assignment of generic speed & strat was improved in HS0Q. Though I am unable to verify this.

Thanks for your reply, code! That sounds very reasonable, but a little unfortunate for 811s owners since lots of retailers do not distinguish between these two drives in their price lists, though still may carry both.

And beware!!! The generic write strategy of LiteON DVD burners really sucks!! Expect PIs around 800-1000!!!

Suddenly everything becomes clear. I’ve got some disks that my 811 can’t identify and burns at single speed, while my girlfriends 851 burns tham at 4x (not tried dvd identifier on her machine yet). So do any of the formware upgrades add more media codes? I’ve not upgraded anything on my drive, how to I check what firmware bersion I’m running?

This is the same exact problem that I ran into this past weekend when I purchased a pack of “brand new” 8X rated,Memorex branded, CMC DVD-R disc’s. My Lite-On would only allow “generic strategy” 2X burning for these disc’s because they are newer than the firmware therefore the media code “doesn’t exist” as far as the Lite On 811s is concerned.

This really worries me now because what if in only a few months from now the only DVD media stocked on the shelves of local stores are “new” (like all of the 8X disc’s appearing for example) and not recognized by the 811s firmware? If Lite On doesn’t come out with an updated firmware to match all of the new media out there we will be stuck with a burner that cannot use readily available media.

Hopefully Lite On will release a firmware update in the near future (like today, so I can use this pack of 8X Memorex disc’s that are just “sitting here”!). Until then I will buy all of the Ricoh based JP-1 media that I can find.

Comp USA has Sony 25 DVD+R 4X rated spindles on sale for $19.99 this week & every pack of Sony’s that I have tried have all been Ricoh, so I’ll be buying as many packs as my local Comp USA has in stock! :cool: