2 Nero Error's on 1620 Help!



Hey all… Last night I got a couple of very odd errors while doing a speed test on my BenQ1620 with unbranded TYG02 using the latest version of Nero CD/DVD Speed. Twice I got Error No Additional Sense Information. I did a search and read that by going directly to the Qual test after the create data could cause this. Well I did a couple more. This time I ejected the disc after the Create Data and re-started the program for the Qual and still got the error:confused: I hung it up for the night as it was late. Now I just tried a create data @ 16X with TYG02 and almost immediatly got an Error stating Power Calibration Area is Full.:sad: Now I’ve never seen this one before. Can anyone help or have any ideas??? Sure would appreciate it.


No Additional Sense Information --> bad media

Power Calibration Area is Full (check here):

  • Try different disk in the spindle
  • Check PSU
  • Try different power connectors
  • Swap Master Slave.

Sporty, since two of the errors refer to media, than most likely your media.


Hey zev… Well the $hits of it is it happened with 2 different medias.:sad: So I don’t think it’s that. I also just did a create data with the G02 that gave me the power calibration error on my NEC 3500 which is in the same puter. The Q is set to Master and the 3500 is slave. Now what do you think of that Olie???:doh:


pinto2 also posted this and this. Same media and I have run into the same problem a few times but I chalked it up to Newer FW B7U9, V9 and W9. Didn’t really dig any deeper. Also when it gives that error for me the disc is not usable any more.


This statement is what has me a bit concerned cuz the 3500 took it afterwards.:eek:


You mean the same disk that gave you error you tried in NEC? Tell me that I’m wrong!

Anyway, try B7W9 and pick a random disk from the middle of spindle.


Well I never did try them in another buner so I probably threw away some good discs.(I don’t think clearly when pi$$ed off).:frowning:


Ya Buddy. The error disc burnt in the 3500. Go figure Eh??? :rolleyes: :doh: :confused:


I’m with ya there!!!


Yeah, you probably did… :stuck_out_tongue:

@Sportfish, reflash drive (over L9 if you like), restart compu and your problem will go away.


As pointed out on this thread Power Collaboration errors can be caused by power supply problems.


Hey pinto… Guess I’m learning something cuz I was a couple steps ahead of your post. Re-flashed back to W9 and we seem to be back in business.
Thanks friends for all your reply’s. :clap: :iagree: :bigsmile: