2 Much Or 2 Little?

Hiya every1,

i am using dvd decrypter to copy God Of War. Itz one of those double storage dvds’ (8.?? GB???). I used FUJIFILM DVD+R (Normal Capicity) and it warned me that there wouldn’t be enough space. Anyway, i was able to burn and copy it, although i’ve only started to play it. Will i notice the other 4 gig that didn’t burn??

I tried DVD Shrink, and that was useless. Shall i leave it?

btw, my dvd drive doesn’t support double capicity dvd

Hasan xx

Just use an editor, and split it into two seperate files, and burn two dvd’s.

I’m guessing you’re talking about a ps2 game. Backing that one up might be a little difficult from what i’ve read here: http://www.ps2nfo.com/ If you go into the " ps2 dvd rip chat" forum you’ll find a thread that has over 100 replies, so good luck with that one. From what i’ve read if you don’t have the whole game on one disk you won’t be able to finish the game. If you’re not backing up a ps2 game ignore all of this. :slight_smile: