2 movies on one DVDR

Hi all,

Here’s my question, and please - if you wanna flame me, don’t.
Either post a link or an answer. TIA

Quality DVDR’s are high cost, as are DVD movies,
I want to try and put 2 movies on one DVDR.

I have already decrypted and dvd2one’ed the movies,
how can I further “process” these to have a simple
menu (select 1st or 2nd movie) with possibly, while playing
either movie, simple chapter advance?

Is this at all possible?

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TIA for “intelligent” responses…


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I’m looking for a solution here too… :rolleyes:

i do it all the time but w/o menu. i am sure u can do it with the menu but i have not had the time to learn. chkout http://mpucoder.kewlhair.com/Derrow/joinclip.html. this is the best guide for joining vobs/movies/clips.

it will cost u US$5 to get a login. believe me, its worth every penny. u can learn so much from the guides.

it can be done with an authoring tool like ifoedit(?? not sure), sonic scenarist or dvdmaestro

Having a menu is something I would like… I’ve tried to join VOB’s with IfoEdit and it worked, BUT I cannot choose my 2nd movie… I only hav a loads of chapters…

BUT what I really want is to have a menu, so I can choose between the two movies… Anyone who can help us with this?? Including how-to’s…

Regards Ola

i know one…post it tomorrow

Would it not be possible to create a generic set of _0 menu vob files which always expect movie1 to be vobid 1 and movie2 to be vobid 2.

Then by setting the sets of vobs to these ids and running getvts sectors in ifoedit, would this not then work?

I don’t know, and I certainly don’t know how to create the generic menu, but some genius out there surely will …

i know only how i can make shitty (because i s*ck at this lol) in dvdmaestro

tonight i will look for the guide…no i will do it right now

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Yeh, but this involves demuxing back to m2v and ac3. What dvdmanDAVE asks (I think) was how you could combine two DVD2ONE’d VOB sets (maybe compressed to 2 GB each) onto one DVD-R, with a simple A or B menu.

While it is possible with a major authoring tool, I feel that there must be a simple way to create a bog-standard menu system into which you can just “plug in” two VOB sets.


i c…
i have to look for that too…i didn’;t work with dvd2one that much

I think ds47uk is right… What dvdmanDAVE ask is the same as me (I hope… haven’t heard from him yet…). I make 2 movies; 2Gb each… both named VTS_01_1.VOB, VTS_01_2.VOB in two different directories… How can we make a simple menu and start these…

I’m pretty new at this so please be sepcific…

Thanx :wink:



As there seems to be a wee bit of confusion here,
I have dvd2one’ed into separate directories, 2 movies.

My goal, as it were, is to take the two VOB sets…

VTS_01_1.VOB ---- 1st movie
VTS_02_1.VOB ---- 2nd movie

and a simple menu to choose either one, with chapter advance
for both.

All this without remuxing, etc… I’ve done all the processing
with DVD2One, just wanna backup two movies to one DVDR…


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If we can get THIS right, it might be what a lot of folks are looking for?


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hmm…that is why i gave the tutorial to dvdmaestro…

but it can be done with sonic scenarist also

just 2 names on the screen…click it…the named movie will run…i did that with dvdmaestro…and it took me 1 week the first time…then 10 minutes

…if you wanna flame me, don’t. Either post a link or an answer. TIA…TIA for “intelligent” responses…

:frowning: I’ll pass…

There is no simple oneclick “do it all for me without me having to think” sollution !!

Creating a simple menu with 2 buttons linking to each titleset WILL require some kind of reauthoring using an authoringtool.

This in itself is not to difficult, but it does require the right authoringtool and some work from you.

I could describe how - but I wont since apparently you only want a “do it all for me without me having to think” sollution.

I’ve done several 2 movies to 1 DVDR with DVD2One (movie only) using this method.

Transcode the first movie to folder1 and the second movie to folder2. In folder2, delete the VIDEO_TS files then rename remaining files to VTS_02_X.XXX. Move all the files to folder1. Now you have a folder with 2 movies but you have to modify the VIDEO_TS.IFO file to recognise the second movie.

  1. Open VIDEO_TS.IFO with IFOedit.

  2. Select VMG_VTS_ATRT ‘Number of Video Title Sets’ = 2

  3. Select VMG_PTT-SRPT ‘Number of Title play Maps’ = 2

  4. Refresh the page and enter the following for Title_2:
    Title playback type = 20
    Number of angles = 1
    Number of chapters = XX
    Title set number (VTS#) = 2
    Title set Title-number (VTS_TTN) = 1

  5. Select VMG_VTS_ATRT and enter the following:
    VTS_2: Number of audio streems in Title (VTSTT_VOBS) = # of audio tracks
    VTS_2: Number of sub-picture streams in Title (VTSTT_VOBS) = # of subtitles

  6. Select the VMG Overview page and specify the audio tracks, and subtitles if any.

  7. Click ‘Save’ then ‘Get VTS sectors’.

The DVD will start with the first title. To select the second title, use the player remote.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for that info. It’s certainly better than what I was doing, and I’ll give it a go!

Originally posted by megahurts
[B]I’ve done several 2 movies to 1 DVDR with DVD2One (movie only) using this method.

The DVD will start with the first title. To select the second title, use the player remote.

Hope this helps. [/B]

Actually this is very nearly what I hoped to get!

Now if I can get that little menu at the start, to choose
movie one, or two - I’d be set.


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if you have either MyDvd or ULead video studio you could create a menu. then you could edit it with ifoedit as needed. i have never tried this,its just a theory. i hope this helps. if you do have success,please post back.