2 Movies on DL disks_how?

I bought a new external DL DVD writer, some DL disks, and have made 4 coasters.

I don’t know how to put 2 movies on these disks. This should be an easy process but I don’t know how.

I have CloneDVD2, AnyDVD, and Nero 6.6…

Do I need more software?


if you’re talking about putting 2 dvd movies on one dvd, the only program i know that will do it is Dvd Remake . I’ve tried it once but couldn’t get it to work, maybe because it was a dvd split into 2 dvds and i was trying to recombine them. As far as burning DL discs, the burner has to know when to switch to the second layer and Nero doesn’t handle this that well. This is the Guide i use to burn DL layers discs. It looks complicated but when you consider how expensive DL discs are it was worth it to learn. I would practice on combining two smaller movies to regular dvds before trying to do the same with DL layer discs, unless of course you’re rich :slight_smile: . In closing always test the dvd with Powerdvd or some similar program to keep from wasting dvds, unless again you’re rich. :slight_smile:

Thanks Sikoone,

No I,m not rich, thats why I’m asking for help. I thought this was going to be easier than it’s turning out to be. I will study this process and try the software you mention.

I’m new to this stuff but I will try to learn.

Thanks for the help.


I saw something on doom9 about exactly this subject. The poster was NOT using DVD Remake to do the job although the author of DVD Remake was involved in the thread.

Sorry, can’t find the thread but that’s nothing new for me… doom9 or videohelp.com should have the answer buried somewhere.

It might not be worth the aggravation and money. Two (or five for that matter) single layer discs are a heck of a lot cheaper than a DL disc…

It might not be worth the aggravation and money

This is true,…I guess I jumped into something before I knew what was really involved. I paid about $30 for a 10 pk of Verbatum DL disks…heck!..even light scribe DVD+R single layer disks are just under $1.50 ea these days.

I just might stick with the single DVD’s since that process is pretty simple, however, PgcEdit looks to be a powerful program.

Thanks all for the advice, I do appreciate it.

I’ll pitch in my two cents. With the software I have, and the aim of putting two dvds on one DL disk, here’s how I would do it. First I would reduce each dvd down to single dvdr size. I personally would use DVDRebuilder, CCE Basic as the encoder, but you can use whatever software you are used to—CloneDVD2, DVDShrink, etc. Just make sure the two videos combined will be small enough to fit onto a DL disk. You might have to make the output slightly smaller than default.

Then, I would open DVDLab Pro. There are three options when importing dvd vob files, you can join them into one large video, join them and demux, or use them as is and hope they are already compliant. Since you are coming from dvds, you should be able to use them as is, and this will save a lot of time. Next step is to make a menu so you can chose either video on the disk. DVDLab Pro will show you the output size, so if it is small enough to fit a DL disk, hit compile. If DVDLab Pro has an option to output to an ISO, I don’t know where it is (any hint would be welcome), so it will come out as standard Video_TS and Audio_TS folders.

I don’t trust Nero to burn to DL disks, so I would use DVDShrink to make the video into an ISO for me (using no compression), then use ImgBurn to put it on the Verbatim DL disk. Voila 7hrs of work and you’ve got a DL disk, with menu and two seperate movies on it.

I do something similar to this with TV captures, using single layer disks. I record episodes, wait till I have a couple of them, then combine them on one disk. But I never do this process of putting two dvds onto a DL disk. Too expensive and more than a bit inconvenient.

The other downside of this process is that DVDLab Pro is relatively expensive at $199. You could probably do the same thing with TMPGenc DVD Author 1.6 and save a lot of money, but I don’t use that program, so I don’t know for certain that it has the same capabilities.

I’m not sure if this would work (I havent actually done it), but nero recode has an option to copy multiple dvd movies to one. When you start it, it lets you add dvd titles (not the entire dvd disk but the main movie should be one title, so you don’t have to deal with individual vob’s). I’m not sure what it does menu wise as far as adding extras (I may actually play with this a little). Anybody know more about this?
Also, as far as nero not doing the layer break, I was under the impression that if you were making a direct, uncompressed copy, it would not put the layer break in the same place as the original. If you are putting two movies on one disk, the layer break cannot be in the same spot anyway, right? Maybe there is more to it than I am aware of on the layer break think.

Here are some guides: http://www.videohelp.com/guides.php?tools=&madeby=&formatconversionselect=DVDs+to+one+DVDR&howtoselect=%3B&orderby=Date&listall=1&hits=25&archive=0&listallusers=&search=Search+or+List+Guides

The important point is: What is the source?