2 movies on 1 DVD

I would like to put one 80 minute movie and one 5 minute movie on to one DVD. The problem is each movie is currently on a different disc and each has it’s own menu.

Is this possible, while maintaining navigation menus, or at least a way of quickly getting to the 5 min. movie?

As you are asking in the CloneDVD forum, I assume you ask “with CloneDVD”?
The answer is “no”, as CloneDVD can not join titles - yet.

Thanks Olli,
Yes, I did mean with CloneDVD. Sounds like this is feature that may be planned.


This should be possible. Look here:http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=108225

If either of the source discs has a second title (like a “Making of…” track) in addition to the title (i.e., the movie) you want, you can do this:

  1. Using CloneDVD, select the title you want plus a second title (which you’ll later replace), preserve the menus, and choose “DVD Files” for output.

  2. Go to the VIDEO_TS folder and delete of the BUP, IFO, and VOB files for the title that you don’t care about. Make sure you know which title is which in the VIDEO_TS folder. Rename the VIDEO_TS folder so it doesn’t get overwritten.

  3. Create “DVD Files” for the title you want from the second source disc. Go to the VIDEO_TS folder, change the VTS file names if necessary, and add them to the folder you renamed in step 2.

You should now be able to access both titles (movies) from the menu from the first source disc you used. Access movie from the second source disc through the menu button for the title that you selected in step 1 and deleted in step 2.

Let me know of this works for you.

This would be useful if recording to double density disks and you actually had the room for 2 movies… Personally… its far cheaper to record to 2 single density disks?.. but I suppose when the media drops enough that single is not even avaliable, then there will be reason to do it…
Of course by then… blue lazar will be out!.. I believe 30 gig or storage or something like that?.. for High def movies!.. that will be nice!..
a single density dvd will be like a floppy disk in comparison!

You’re correct – in many case it’s not practical to put two movies on one disc. However, the author of the first post had an 80 min. movie and a 5 min. movie, so that should be possible without a problem. It just depends what it is you want to put onto one disc.