2 movies on 1 DVD-5

I have backed up some of my sons DVD’s so he doesnt ruin them.

I backed them up in the Video_TS format.

My question is since the folders are only about 2.5G is there a way to put 2 of the movies into DVD shrink and shrink them a little to fit onto 1 disc, don’t want to waste disc’s if I don’t have to.

Can I put 2 Video_TS folders into a folder and then open that folder in DVD shrink (will that have both movies in shrink then) or should/can I rename the VOB files and put them into the same folder (will that work) or is there a easier way to do it that I cant think of?

kinda new to this and dont want to do anything till I can get some feedback from someone who knows how to do this.

If you want to use dvd shrink, the first thing to do is to rip each movie in a separate folder on your HD.

Then open the first movie with shrink and go in reauthor mode. Drag&drop the main title of the movie on the left panel

Then open the folder with the other movie from the right panel, and again drag&drop the main title on the left panel.

Then press Backup button and this is all

Remember, however, that in this way you’ll loose all menus

hmm I will lose the menu’s…

I will have to think about what to do but I guess since my son is only 2 It shouldn’t matter, Ill see what my wife thinks

Thanks for the help:)

EDIT: ohh yeah if I did that when the first movie was done it would start the second one right after right?

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

If you want to retain menus you can use a software like TMPGEnc DVD Author. Actually with this you can create your personal menus, and can made menus simple enough for a 2 year old kid.

Too bad this is not free :frowning:

sorry must have edited when you were posting if you see that I would like to know if that is right

Yes. When the first title finish should start the second.

But if you want to start first the second, the only way is to play fast forward all first title until the end, because the remote control can’t skip the first title.

This is a limitation of dvd shrink in reauthor mode.

ok thought it would put a chapter break for each title but…

maybe thats not what I want to do then

Thanks again:)

Dvd2one ;):wink:

I tried DVD Shrink to just see what it would be like and when I reauthored the 2 movies it did put chapters into the movies, each one had like 24 chapters, the only thing was to get to the second movie I have to go to the last chapter of the first and fast forward which isn’t too bad

and was a little different I had to go to full disc mode open the Video_TS file then reauthor and drag it over then back to full disc to be able to open the other Video_TS file the back to reauthor mode and put it with the other movie

If I would have copied them to .ISO it would have been easier because that is the only thing you can open in reauthor mode.

but yeah I owe you much thanks for helping me with my problem :slight_smile:


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

you have the right idea, but i think you’r emaking it a little more complicated. you don’t have to go back into full mode. the right hand window in reauthor mode becomes your media browser. you can drag files to the compilation window from that window (just browse to the correct folder). no need to go back into full mode.

That’s why you should use DVDREmake, you do NOT lose the menus, on either DVD. You get a main menu to switch between DVD and then get the FULL menu as if you swapped the disc. Pretty clever program if you ask me.