2 movies in 1 DVD file when playing back...!

Hey, I downloaded a few DVD releases from newsgroups and some were image files (ISO, IMG) and others were the original DVD data files (VOB, IFO, BUP). When I would try and play the VIDEO_TS folder with WinDVD, the movie which is titled on the original rars is being played, but if I were to attempt to play the movie with Nero Showtime, a completely different movie would play. How can this be possible despite the fact that the movie is under the 4.7GB limit? Second, when trying to burn the DVD files with Nero Xpress, I get an error towards the end of the burning stating “burning process failed at 8x”. Burning is very irregular when burning the VIDEO_TS folder as DVD, the buffer goes up and down, and I can see the burning of the disc is not constant, resulting in a 25min burn at 8x of the disc, and finally a “burning process failed at 8x” message.

I am using a PX-712A 12x Plextor DVD burner, Verbatim 8x DVD+R discs, running on a P4 2.4Ghz HT 800Mhz FSB CPU w/ 2GB PC3200 Samsung RAM.



  1. Read the forum rules.
  2. Buy the DVD.
  3. Case and thread close.

Seems to sum everything up.