2 Movie In One Disc

What I can use to put 2 dvd’s on one disc.


You could use something like Clone DVD2 I think, but they would need to be very short dvds or the compression rate would be a bit high, loosing image quality:sad:

you can do it with DvdShrink in re-author mode…without menus though

Nice easy way to do it. :slight_smile:

You might consider, though, the likelihood it’'ll look like crap if the running time gets much over three hours. In that case, I’d reauthor in DVDShrink, save with no compression. Then run it through DVDRebuilder at half D1, or half resolution. It’s part of the DVD spec, so it’s valid, almost any player will accept it. The picture will be slightly “softer”, but much less chance of artifacts.

Good luck. :wink:

I would use two 1 hour movies on one disc, but I would like to have a many
for each one.


after you have shrinked the files use Tmpgenc DVD-Author to create the menu (or any other authoring software)