2 menus, 2 different quality's?

ok, I just noticed this, in CloneDVD there are 2 quality bars, so do I have to pick what I want for it to reach %100 or does that only matter all together with the second bar…what I;m trying to ask is that when oyur picking video tracks and it says that percent is that the actual percent for video or is that also changed in the audio bar if you unselect stuff, umm confusing, meaning in the first quality bar for video do I ahve to get that to %100 to reach %100 or will it raise if I take out an audio track…

The quality is updated after you’ve selected the appropriate audio tracks. So alway use the 2nd quality bar under the audio section.

The first quality bar indicates the minimum quality when you’ve selected a track with all of its streams included. So, for instance, if you select the main movie track the first quality bar will indicate the minimum quality when all of the audio and subtitle streams are enabled. After pressing the next button you will have the option to remove audio and subtitle streams you do not wish to keep. The second quality bar is thus the final indicator of the amount of compression that is needed.

So basically, it’s the same as furballi already said but I’ve added a little bit more info :wink: