2 lite on lite on drives slave won't burn

i have a vista64 system. all is working fine. when i try to burn on the secondary (slave) drive the error messages i get are “searching for scsi/aspi devices” i have used force aspi, and installed the proper aspi devices. checkaspi.exe (it might be called aspicheck.exe) tells me that the aspi layers are installed but that some of the “helper drivers failed to initialize”

  1. i know the drive is good. i disconnected the ide cable from both drives (they are on the same channel). i hooked up the cable to only the slave drive, changed the jumpers to master, and rebooted. the drive works fine.

  2. all ide channels have dma set to auto.

  3. when both drives are connected to the ide channel, with the top drive set as master (with proper jumpers) and the bottom drive as slave (with proper jumpers) the second (slave) drive will read, but will not burn!!

  4. i updated the firm ware on both drives and i still have the same problem.

  5. i uninstalled both drives from the device manager, rebooted and i still have the same problem.

whats going on here!! im going crazy and i would really appreciate any and all help!! thanks in advance!!

i think the drive model is lite on 20a1p i will check and update accordingly

Is that a80 wire IDE Cable? Try changing your IDE Cable with an 80 wire one.

Burn On,

PS. I use the Vantec or Memorex round IDE - All 80 Wire and Better Air Flow!