2 leftover speaks + old amp VS cheap 5.1

Basicly I just found 2 speakers:

(dvd box for size comparison)
It are my dad’s old car rear speakers.

Would it be worth buying a cheap 4.0 amp for 15 € ( something old on the fleabay) like this:

and use them instead of my cheap Trust soundwave 2000p ( 22 W RMS total, 12 W sub 2 W per sattelite ) ?

Soundcard is an Audigy SE.

Or to just set my soundcard @ 7.1, set the speakers on the side, and use them alongside my 5.1?

Would it sound any good you recon such speakers?
Been quite awhile (well awhile, a month or 2 iirc lol) again since I posted here, but you guys always give great advice so here I am again :)…

I think its worth a try but is the Sony amp 4 ohm rated. Welcome back by the way.

It appears to be switchable between : 4-6 ohm or 8016 ohm.

Are those speakers looking okay you recon, halfords advertises almost identical ones ( if not identical, just diff colour) @ 65W RMS iirc.

Hows your woodworking?

They’ll need boxes, as a speaker unit with no box or baffle loses everything low. Getting the box absolutely right (a properly matched and tuned reflex port) is difficult, but a somewhat haphazard bass reflex ported box is probably better than an open back box or an entirely closed small box - ome way still leaks pressure from front to back, while the closed box raises the resonant frequency due to the resistance of the trapped volume of air.

As car shelf speakers, they had an “infinite baffle”, the boot and leakage to outside, rather than around the speaker.

Also, they will NOT be shielded, so will be a risk to magnetic media and CRT monitors (the PC case normally provides enough screening and separation to protect drives from anything below naked, high power magnets)

I suppose I can build a wooden box from triplex or something or even a box from plexiglass. I’m a newb I suppose to woodworking as the last time I did anything with wood was 4 years ago in school voor technology & handcrafting lessons.

Shielding is no problem I think, my room is quite big and I’ll prolly hang em on the wall anyway.
Any other things I should take care of ?

Thanks for reply’s, I really don’t know much about all this but I want to have a bit more volume & quality when playing music on my pc.

You can buy some real cheap enclosures that are carpeted. Are those 5’1/4 or 6’1/2 inch. You can go to just about any auto parts store. I think they just might have some kick with your amp set at 4 ohms!

I have no idea how much inches the speakers are.
Hmmm incase you know, what kind of a shop would have enclosures like this? Should Halfords or something have them?