2 issues in plextools about disc images and id3 tags

hi all,

not too sure wether this would go in audio section but seems to be a software issue so here goes:

for burning i now use nero (thanx to users here) and plextools 1.21 (also thanx to users here). current setup clean install of XP home p3-100 with 512mb ram (soon to be my kids as i wait on my newly ordered falcon northwest speed demon!!!)

using plextools mainly for audio and was quite happy until a few things popped up:

1- when i would make an audio disc for my kids done with mp3’s @320 and drag them to plextools but any ones with id3 version 3.2 get rejected (with error message that mp3 isn’t vaild file?) with version 3.1 id3 tags are no problem at all.
with nero i don’t get this.

2- sometimes i make disc images and make the cd copies from each when needed.
here is the bug i get: when i burn images i can only burn 2 copies of any image or plextools crashes. workaround is to close plextools and reopen after burning second image copy so that i can continue burning another 2. (i have not one app on this computer that crashes other than plextools and only under above circumstances)

with regards to above 2 bugs i have experienced the (issue 1) id3 tag problem since version 1.15 when i started using plextools.

as for the (issue 2) image issue i first saw it using plextools professional 2.02a and reverted back to 1.21 as i assumed it was a version bug but still get it in version 1.21.

i always close all background apps while burning and usauly only burn after a fresh reboot if comp as been on for a while.

anyone else get this or have any ideas?

thanx in advance