2 Issues - Driver Related Perhaps?

Issue 1 :

No Sound !

My Computer wont make a bleeding Peep .

I have a msg that tells me that there are “No Active Mixer Devices Available” whenever I look into my Control Panel to try to sort it out . Ive already gone HERE :

in an Attempt to Reload my Driver for the MBoard .

Issue 2 :

my DVD burner (a TDK 420N for reference) dosent READ as a DVD player in my Machine when I put a DVD in the thing it wants to act like its a CD , and BURN like its a CD , even though if I look in my Hardware Profiles it says DVD and everythign looks just fine from a Driver standpoint .

Do you have the sound card activated in BIOS? If the DVD drive you’re having probs with is on the secondary IDE, you also might try to remove the channel and let Windows auto detect on reboot.

u mean problem is sound (card) or beeper ?

WTF ? what nero u have ?