2 images on 1 CDR

Does anyone know of a way, to burn 2 images (bin/cue, clonecd alcohol120, etc) … to a single CDR? For example, if I have 2 short audio CD’s that would fit on 1 80 min CDR, but I do not want to convert to mp3, ape, etc.

I want to use the exact copy images, created with Alcohol 120%, but put them both on 1 CD. Thanks.

Hi este,

I think the easiest way is to rip your 2 audio CD’s to your harddrive and then just burn them on 1 CD. If you want to use your Alcohol Images it’s a little bit more complicated with the method I know.
Maybe others know an easy way:)

What is the process? … I’d like to give it a try… if it’s not too messy.

ok este,

you need a program like isobuster, ultraiso, winiso,… (google for it) or any other image tool that can handle your alcohol image. I’m using ultraiso. Then you can extract the data of your images to your harddrive and burn them on 1CD. Never tried it by myself. I think it should work, if not sorry about that I’m not very skilled in audio stuff. When you got the originals try the ripping method it’s easier and will work. Hope it works for you este :slight_smile:

You could also use this method (which I believe to be easier):

  1. Mount the Alcohol images to some virtual drives (in alcohol).
  2. Rip the tracks from the “CDs” that are mounted to the virtual drives with EAC.
  3. Burn the ripped tracks with Nero as an audio CD.

If you have any questions about this method or the programs used then feel free to post them.


Thanks to both. I think Chriso’s technique is easier.
I was trying to avoid “ripping” the CD’s into tracks. I wanted to use images, to get 2 ‘bit-for-bit’ copies, of my 2 Audio CD’s.

Hey Chriso,

that’s really a good idea, wii keep that in my mind:)