2 IDE-ATAPI motherboard



I want to ask how do you guys deal with the omission of the second IDE on newer boards? I stay for now with a 2IDE AM2 mobo and I do not switch to Intel powerful Core2Duo because of their motheroards that do ont allow to connect more than 2 IDE drives, having a single ATA conector. How do you see the future? Buying a SATA optical drive? How about those great drives already relased… Shoul we trash them? Should I buy a PCI to ATA adapter? Are they any good? Or USB enclosures? I heard that not every model is suitable for any burner… so change the enclosure when changing the drive? This really piss me off; why there are no Intel mobos with 2 IDE connectors…? Even recent AMD boards do not support 2 IDEs…


Should I buy a PCI to ATA adapter? Are they any good?
That is what I use, although they can be problematic, buggy drivers, etc.

Best thing is to do your research, read reviews to find which is the most stable.


here is an Asus Board that has what you look for… AM2 chip at that and PCI-E

not much into intel, as I use AMD stuff so no idea if this is what you need…
here is an intel board that supports up to 6-ata drives…

look around, they are out there


Well, that Intel with 6 pata looks interesting, indeed; perfect for a cdfreak :slight_smile: the AM2 is quite nice but similar to mine system. I saw this one… looks awesome but I wonder if there will be 4 optical drives supported or only two and two harddisks


That Intel board from ASUS is very old and the 775 socket is all but gone. Intel has discontinued any PATA support so newer stuff will be only SATA. They announced that some time ago so I stocked up on AMD. The only other alternative is to stick to USB burners. As most media should not be burned at faster than 12X anyway for th ebest quality, that is not a real problem. Booting from an optical drive on a new version board??? Well who knows.


From this comparison of the 650i SLI/Ultra chipset for Intel CPUs, it does support 2 IDE channels (4 PATA drives). However, it will be up to the motherboard designer to include both channels or not, which unfortunately on this one, it only has 1 channel.

Here are three 650i SLI motherboards that have 2 IDE channels.


CAn’t be that old, as it supports :::- Intel® Coreâ„¢2 Extreme / Coreâ„¢2 Duo Ready

Taken from Asus website


AI Lifestyle Series

  • Intel 945P chipset
  • Intel LGA775 Pentium 4 CPU
  • Intel® Coreâ„¢2 Extreme / Coreâ„¢2 Duo Ready
  • Dual-Core CPU Ready
  • FSB 1066/800/533
  • DDR2 667/533/400
  • Marvell PCIe Gbit LAN
  • WiFi-TV (Optional)

*Only PCB R2.0(or higher) support Intel® Core™2 processor


You are right, I was thinking of another socket entirely. Sorry. I have to stop trying to post at work. :doh: