2 hrs. for backup?

Does it take over 2 hrs. to backup a dvd with DVDFAB? I don’t do a lot but I don’t think it used to take that long. It seems to have just started. Yes, I have the latest version.

Hi GuitarJohn
Please open common settings and click on the button that says “RESET DMA” that should fix your problem


Hi GuitarJohn and welcome to the club. Exactly what part took 2 hours ? The read or write ? Also is this the first time you’ve experienced this problem? You said recently. Let us know if the DMA Reset helps ~ Mike

Unfortunately it didn’t work. I tried it 3 times, rebooted each time and there was no difference. I’m not sure but I know the read takes longer than the write. It’s been happening about the last month or so. Thanks for any help you can give me.

We need alittle more information to help you. Can you give us the configuration of your computer plus the drive model , firmware , CPU etc. How long does it take to trancode? Is it the burning mode that is taking so much time. Help us to help you.:clap:

Also may want to check the IDE Channels to see if one or more are stuck in PIO Mode to check them see this thread below

Just for info DVDR’s don’t read as fast as they can write, at least not in any of the specs that I have read

I don’t know that much about computers but this is what I could figure out. I have a Compaq Presario with an AMD Sempron Processor 3200+, 1.80 Ghz., 448mb of RAM, a Lite-On combo SOHC-4836K which I read from and a SONY DVD RW DRU-820A which I write to.

Hi John,

Thanks for posting back with some info.
This still sounds like a DMA issue.
Click on the first DMA link in my sig and follow Womble’s guide…very straightforward.
If your problem persists, click on the next DMA link in my sig. There is a link to a script file that you can run. Before you do this, read over the text, a lot of good info there that will help you understand what’s going on.

StormJumper has also got info (link) in his sig re: DMA. Some of the info may be repetitive, but he did a great job and have a look there as well.

Hope this helps.

Try this, which ever writer is the fastest use that one and try making the source and target the same drive if you are using DVDFAB instead of trying to do it on the fly. After you get the DMA fixed like Tom said, Good luck :bigsmile:

Hey Jim,

Good thought, but unfortunately the Liteon is not a dvd burner, it’s a dvd-ROM/cdrw… :wink:


OOPS guess thats what happens when we get OLD huh Tom :slight_smile: But if burning like I said whay not use the same one? 1 thing I think he needs more ram myself not for this problem though

Hi again John,

Just an FYI…here’s a free, easy and safe way to learn more about your pc.
Download and run Belarc Advisor . It will build and display your pc’s hardware and software in your web browser. Don’t worry is safe…with one condition
It will also display your software licenses, so don’t ever post this info on a website without first deleting this info.

You’ll see what I mean… :wink:

Boy, if only that was all that went wrong, huh? This gettin’ old thing is not pretty, but then I’ve never been accused of being “pretty”… :bigsmile:

If the combo reader is on the same cable as the HDD - which is likely - then it’s going to go much slower anyway.

Good point Tim.
Seems like the OP’s speed has taken a nose-dive recently though, at least it seems that way to him. His sytem is getting on in age, but it should do better than 2 hours.
Any other ideas on tweaking?

How much free space & when was the last HDD defrag done?

Yup… :doh: …thanks Tim
Well, I guess it’s time for me to hit the coffee… :bigsmile:

I clicked on Tim’s link “DMA Reset Tool”, downloaded it, ran it, rebooted the computer and now it’s taking less than a half an hour again to backup a dvd. Thanks for all the help. Really appreciate it.

John remember now that if XP gets or shows 6 error’s I think the drive will go into the PIO mode again and you will have to reset the DMA again pal, good burning :slight_smile: