2 hour MP3 file



I have a few 127 minute MP3 files I would like on CD or possibly DVD.

I have both DVD burner and CD burner. What program can I use?


Nero, it has everything you need. Use Nero wave editor to chop the tracks into smaller pieces that will fit on a CD.


Yeah, im familiar with Nero.

I want to keep it as a single file, 127 minutes in length.


Then you cant burn it to a CD, your question is not clear at all. If you are familiar with Nero, then why are you asking questions? Burn the MP3 and be done with it. :a


Burn as a Data CD with Nero, or split it up into 2 CD’s to do as a Audio CD.




Im sure there is a way to convert the MP3 to a VOB format (or something similar) and burn to a DVD.

I didnt really think my initial question was that far off.

Nevertheless, I split the file on 2 Audio CD’s.