2 hidden partitions in an Acer laptop?




I just upgraded my friend’s Acer Laptop from Vista to Win7.
By default, Acer has got one hidden partition named PQSERVICE.
Win7 requires an additional 100mb partition upon installation (for the Active & Boot flags).

After installation, I installed Partition Wizard to split up the main HDD but I noticed something strange in the partition setup:

*PQSERVICE (~3.5GB) (Primary)
*System Reserved Space (~100MB) (Active & Boot) (Primary)
*C: ACERDATA (~280GB) (System) (Primary)

  • (~3.5GB) (Primary)

As you can see there’s an additional nameless partition, which is set as primary and thus preventing me from splitting C. I analyzed the partition using the explore-function in PW, and it seems this one has a similar content as PQSERVICE.

Which of these should be kept as backup? How did this second backup come there?

As a temporary solution, I’ve set the mysterious partition as logical and split C, creating D as also logical.
Surprisingly, this action speeds up Win7’s booting…

Can anyone clarify me the meaning of this partition?


The larger partition is most likely the restore data for the original OS. I wouldn’t delete it unless I really needed the disc space. You never know when you might want to revert back to the OS that came on the computer.

The smaller partition is one that Windows 7 makes for some reason.


Yes, I know that.
But there are 2 larger partitions: Acer"s default PQSERVICE and a nameless one.

I want to know what that second one is doing there…


Since they are both the same size, it is likely a ghost partition used by the restore process. Once it is deleted, you can’t restore the OS and I don’t think there is an easy way, or maybe anyway at all, to re-establish it. I am typing this on an Acer laptop and the restore partition is a single 12GB one. Also, Google is your friend. Type in “Acer laptop hidden partition” and you will most likely find an answer.