2 Harddrive Burning Question

Hello Everyone,
A friend pointed me to this forum and I am hoping someone can help me out. Everytime I try burn a disc using material from my second/slave harddrive it always fails. I have no idea why and I am looking for some suggestions.

My setup:
P4 2.8HT
1.00G 3200 RAM
ATI 9800Pro
2 harddrives: Primary 200G Seagate, Secondary/Slave 400G Seagate
DVD/CD Burner: Pioneer DVR108
Windows XP SP2
Nero 6


How are your hard drives configured ? - Hopefully on your Primary IDE channel - and the burner on the Secondary IDe channel-

Have you recently defragged your drives? - If not you should-

Assume you are using Nero - if not upgrade to it-


200gb & 400gb ?