2 & half years old MCC 003

I dig up some of my old DVD which i burnt almost 3 years ago. Out of curiousity i scan them with Nero CDSpeed today (Never scan it last time) and compare it to the new batch of MCC 003. All scan are done using Nero CDSpeed with my Liteon LH-18A1P.

Screen 1: MCC 003 Mitsubishi Branded (Black surface) burnt with 8X using Nero (Don’t remember Which version) with my old and retired BenQ 1620.

Screen 2: New batch of MCC 003 also from Mitsubishi (White surface) burnt using Nero with my brother’s 2 years old BenQ 1620 which burn less than 200 disc in total.

Screen 3: New batch of Mitsubishi MCC 003 burnt with my 3 months old Liteon LH-18A1P. Burn at 6X because the drive doesn’t allow me to choose 8X (Don’t know why?)

The interesting fact with those scan is that we can see after almost 3 years MCC 003 still reads perfectly fine, and i didn’t even store them in the shade and i am from a tropican country which daily max temperature can reach 30c. Hopefully it can last for the next 20 years.

As you can see with the 3rd screen, i get 3 coasters straight down. The huge spike at 0.75GB happened at the same exact spot on 3 different burns with/without HT/OS (Didn’t save the other one). Using the same batch of MCC 003 with BenQ (Screen 2) turns out very good. Play the coaster with the same drive, and i can see a major lag where the spike occured. Beside where the huge spike are, the rest of the disc plays fine though.

I don’t understand what happen to Liteon as BenQ can burn this media 3 years ago with 8X and the result is quite decent. But 3 years later with all the new tech and smart burn and other gimmick, i still can’t burn it at 8X, and it can’t even burn at 6X properly. Is it just this particular batch of MCC 003 or Litein just din’t like this media? I stop trying to burn this media with Liteon as this MCC 003 is hard to come by now, it is slowly phrase out and replace by MCC 004, which my Liteon had no problem with it.

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