2 Graphics Cards Not Enough? How About 4 On Single Motherboard!



If even two graphics cards in your PC are not enough, what about four? SLI typically is limited to two cards within one system, but sources told Tom’s Hardware Guide that Gigabyte will soon offer a “Quad” motherboard with slots for up to four Nvidia-based SLI cards.

About half a year ago, we learned that Gigabyte was working on a graphics card that integrates two GeForce 6600GT graphics chips. While we were impressed with the out-of-the-box approach from Gigabyte, there was of course the question, whether two of those cards could be combined for a total of four graphics chips.

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All I can say is “wohoo”. It must be fast as “wohoo”.


/me wants


hmm okay… for the wealthy gamers only I suppose…

pretty nice, but probably useless… at least, for now…


Four US$50 cards could beat one US$500 card someday? :smiley: (Problem is the motherboards that allow such a configuration usually cost too much for most PC users.)


I dont know anybody who has even two, most people I know have intergrated graphics :stuck_out_tongue:


My experience with SLI isn’t that good.

In the old days I bought two GFORCE 2 cards, it didn’t bring much.

Better wait for the benchmarks…


GF2 cards could not be SLIed… or are you confused with VooDoo2 cards?



I am getting older! I forgot the name of the cards that made a revolution in pc graphics!


Ah that’s okay… we’re all getting older each day :wink: