2 grafik cards

Hi Pros !
My problem is, that i got a mainboard with an onbaord TNT agp vga. And now I got another VGA called S3 Trio64+PCI and a second Monitor.
When I start my comp with the new card in it and the second monitor is plugged in this one, my other Monitor which is plugged in my onboard TNT won´t start.
In Controlpanel/System i can read that my TNT couldn´t get inizialisized, and i should take all VGA´s out start PC, turn off, plugging in and start again, but that don´t work, cause one of them is onboard !
How can i get my TNT work again together with the S3 Trio ?

Sorry for my bad english ! please help !

Thanx in advance !!!

You’re probably SOL (shit out of luck). Windows 98+ is supposed to support multimonitor setups, but only some graphics cards will allow you to do this. I know some of the Matrox cards have some switch on them that will allow you to do this, but if you really want multimonitor support, you are probably better off by getting a Matrox card with dual heads.