2 for the Money

I backed up 2 for the money but when I play it it plays with Directors comentary? I dont know why this would happen, I have backed up many Movies and this has never happebed? Any ideas?

did you do a full backup or did you cut stuff out?

if you did a full backup then either navigate through the DVD menu to “audio” or “setup” or osmething similar and select the correct audio track.

if you backed up without menus use the audio button on your remote control to cycle through the audio tracks that were copied to the disc.

if the commentary is the only audio track on the disc then you deselected the main audio when you made the backup.

you didn’t mention what software you used, but it’s possible ot select/deselect audio tracks in dvd shrink or clonedvd among many others. Just make sure you include the correc taudio tracks on your next backup if it’s not present on this one.

if you backup only main movie you can set default playback streams

I used DVD SHRINK with any dvd in backround… I am not sure what happened. I looked to change th adio but didnt see the option… in the menues

Oh c’mon. Director’s commentary from an Olsen Twins movie has to be PRICELESS!

Oh wait, or is this the Pacino thing?

Why use anydvd in the background? It isnt needed with Two for the Money.

because its always running incase its needed? does anyone know what went wrong?? or did I maybe unclick something wrong? I never had this happen before,

dud you check to see if the main audio track was there as i mentioen dbaove? (cycling through available tracks with your remote control’s audio button)

if it’s not there then you either unchecked it or for some reason teh wrong audio track was checked by default.

to fix this simply re-make teh backup, except this time include the correct audio track.

if you don’t know how to select audio tracks in shrink, consult a guide. there are many detailed backup guides for shrink with pictures available from both this forum and www.afterdawn.com

Well, when you rip it with dvdshrink make sure that before you encode it that the director commentary is not check and that you indeed have the right audio checked.